My Voice: Let them Serve

By Gideon

Well, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the announcement from Trump about trans troops. Well, if not, here it is.

Where do I start with this bullcrap? Thousands of transgender individuals already serve in our armed forces! What are we going to do with them, discharge them? Not even to mention the absolutely horrible irony of this being announced the same day, 69 years after President Truman signed the executive order that desegregated the armed forces. Now, we’re taking a step backward. Instead of letting all those who have the capability and willingness to serve our country have an opportunity to do so, Trump (and maybe some other officials) has decided that if you are trans, that opportunity should be closed to you. Odd, coming from a draft dodger.

The argument of trans soldiers bring a financial burden is just bunk. According to one study (here’s an article on this entire story, the study is referenced a few paragraphs in), trans soldiers make up a fraction of a percent of all soldiers and their care costs would also only be a fraction of a percent of the whole military healthcare budget. As to why he did this charade, I think this is a huge distraction from the fact that he’s politically useless and under investigation. But that my friends, is a whole other story.

To conclude, this sudden proclamation was a terrible and bigoted move. There’s no rational, factual, non-political reason to ban trans troops. Let them serve.