Poems of Myself- Part 1

By Gideon

Today, as I come back from a period of not writing (I get busy in other things), I’m starting a series of poems that I wrote about what goes on in my head, what I feel and my observations about my life sometimes.



Who is so kind?
Who cares when all are cynics?
Who can free me from my bind?
Who does not mimic my enemies,
But scares with the love of a brother?
This is a friend, not just any
But the Superfriend!

I wake up only to discover,
That I’ve been smothered
By my end.

Who am I?

I go to the depths of my soul,
To find the eternally cold
Case that laces those

That know not the unsold

Thing that encases,

That is none but

The external material

Like a parasite

That’s out of spite;

So now I want to know,

The forever asked question:

Who am I?

Some live and die,

Never knowing the time

That defines,

That shapes the soul,

The answer to:

Who am I?

The Old Me


I once decree,

That the old me

Is sold,

Sold to that sack of gold;

Because, I’m poor,

Poor of soul.

Now, the cold

Is replaced with

This new found myth,

Of non-existent gold.

The treasure, I decree,

Is in the cure,

For a lost soul,

A soul that knows

Itself only.

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Blank- a poem by Gideon

As I earlier said, in the welcome letter, I want to use this blog for my poetry. Here’s just one I wrote a few weeks ago.

I see no words,
I see no birds,
I hear no spite,
I taste no flavor,
I savor no moment,
I feel no touch,
I smell nothing.

Not here or there,
Is my stare
But nowhere,
Nowhere at all.

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My Voice: I’m sick and tired of it all!

My Voice is a section on this blog where Gideon will put out his opinion on current affairs and other events in his life.

As you all may know, there has been two prominent shootings of black men in the past two days. I am aware of two more but for the purposes of this post, I will focus on the shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the shooting of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

First, let’s look at Alton Sterling’s case. In this case, someone called the police claiming that a black man, with a red shirt selling CDs in front of a convenience store was acting threatening with a gun. The police then came and tried to apprehend him. That’s where the issues started. The police eventually restrained Sterling (one sitting on one arm, one holding the other) and still shot him! Multiple times! They could’ve handcuffed him, but no, he must die. To those saying, “He had a gun,” the video, and the shopkeeper’s eyewitness report that he told the media, show that Sterling was in fact not reaching for his gun and was restrained to a point where handcuffing him was possible.

With that said, let’s look at Philando Castile’s case. According to Castile’s girlfriend, he was pulled over for a busted taillight and as he reached for his ID the officer shot him. This again being recorded on video, in fact live-streamed on Facebook. Once again, Castile had a gun (which was legally registered and he informed the officer of that much) and the officer just shot him. The officer in this case shot (four times!) first and asked questions later. And there was a little 4 year old in the back seat watching this.

This is wrong. Why are so many innocent black people gunned down? I’m sick and tired of it all! I could’ve been Philando Castile. I could’ve been Alton Sterling. When will people realize that not all policemen are noble people who protect the population. There are some bad policemen out there and they need to be called out.

And to those that say #allivesmatter as a rebuttal to #blacklivesmatter, no one is saying black lives matter and the rest be dammed (pardon my language, but I think this situation is deserving). The idea of it is that there seems to be far too many innocent black lives lost to police brutality (or as I call it, 21st Century lynching). To say #alllivesmatter is to silence the thought that racism is alive and well in our society. The first step to solving a problem is admitting one exists. I mean even the KKK doesn’t think they are racist! Racism is alive and policemen can be racist. Not all are, but some are. I’m and tired of defending my right to exist and speak out against injustice. I refuse to be silent in the face of injustice! That’s my two cents.

My sources and more information:
Philando Castile’s case

Alton Sterling’s case

This goes into detail about Sterling’s case and the reaction to it

A Short Welcome Letter

Dear readers,
I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now. I’m sure you are asking why I would do so. Well, as some of you may already know, I occasionally write poetry. This blog is meant to be a much easier way for me to share my poetry and other writing with many more. No promises about how good it will be, but I will try. Also, I may sometimes share my thoughts on something. So, as I start writing this blog, I hope you will like it and that it will be enjoyable to read.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. No promises on how frequently I will post.