June 2017 Update- Stepping Back


Hello again, readers! It’s been a while and I haven’t written much lately. For that, I’m sorry. This update is going to quite brief. Right now, I’m working on a play (not divluging any details here, for now), that will not published on this blog. Also, my posting on here is already infrequent and will defintely become more so from August onwards (I’ve got a lot commitments next school year, so this will have to take a backseat). Hopefully I’ll have more for you soon. Stay hydrated this summer folks! See y’all around.

Above photo: A panorama of the port area in Westport, WA, taken last summer by me (visible as sillouette in bottom left corner)

Spring Bimonthly Update- Shifting Seasons, Shifting Gears

Easter has just passed us, it’s getting hotter (especially in the Southwest) and the flowers and trees are in bloom. Spring is here, here for sure. And with the change in seasons, comes a change in some plans I previously announced and some new ones too. Let’s get started!

General Updates

  • I have decided to shut down this blog’s Instagram page quietly, due to it never catching on (even with myself, to be honest).
  • I have separated my personal Twitter account from the blog’s today.
  • If you are a photographer or someone who does some graphic design and want any of your images featured on any blog post, please contact me at gideonsnook@outlook.com or DM me on my Twitter account (this blog doesn’t bring me a cent, so I can not pay for anything, this is just for free promotion of your work).
  • Feedback is always encouraged, please always feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments section (note that it is moderated and your comment will be blocked if it’s irrelevant or rude) or contacting me through the contact sheet, email or social media.

Creative Updates

  • So, probably the biggest announcement I have here is that I’m shelving my short stories until the summer. This is because of my incredibly busy schedule during this time of year especially. I’m thankful for your patience, good writing takes time, doesn’t it?
  • Poetry still has a front seat, I’ve really been working on some good ones for a new collection coming soon (I’ve already wrote the poems and they have a theme, I just have to edit some).

Commentary Updates

  • What topic do you want me to talk about head on and with full facts and honesty? Let me know, I’m always up for starting a constructive conversation about almost anything.

Well, that’s been your Spring Update. I’ll be back with an update in June. Until then, keep a close eye on great pieces to come on Gideon’s Nook! Hope you had a blessed Easter, enjoy your Spring.

(The photo above is a picture of a park in Anthem, taken by a friend, used with permission)

With well wishes always,


Transitioning and (Re)launching: December Update

Creative Updates

Well, I’ve not really been updating the blog lately. So, as a Christmas present to you all I will now. I currently have an interesting story in the pipeline and maybe some poetry (still thinking if I should even upload it). No promises on when any of it will come on, but I am currently aiming for no later than Monday (December 19th) for the story and anytime before Christmas on the poems.

Blog Updates

So, now I have migrated to WordPress from Blogger. This will not change any material published prior to today and I will shut down the Blogger in the next few days. This will be the home of my blog now.

Also, today I’m launching an Instagram for this blog! I’ll share thoughts and quotes there periodically. It is @gideonsnookblog. By the way, I will definitely do these updates once in while, just to assure you and other readers that I have not fallen off the map. Happy Holidays!

As always,