My Voice: For Goodness Sake, Be a Good Friend!

Let’s talk about what it means to be a true friend… (I’m trying something new with this, bear with me)

Friendship. According to the Oxford Dictionary, that is the state of being friends. Oftentimes, we make mistakes that could hurt others unintentionally, which can lead to trouble with a friendship. Other times, we turn off our conscience just to spite a friend for one reason or other.

Trampled on by the world,

Betrayed by her own friends

And left feeling alone,

Sat my dear friend Blondie


Blondie was hilarious

She was outgoing and kind,

But the world wanted her for lunch,

To consume her inner beauty,

To crush what made her so great


Blondie felt discouraged and down

Feeling alone can make one so

Bitter and angry at the world,

Blondie was no exception


But that’s when Blondie found out the

Simple truth about all people:

We can not shut the door to all

Without shutting the door

To even ourselves;

No man can be an island, ever


As for those mean people, they had

No achievements to speak of,

Because they tore down instead of

Building and growing everyone

Like Blondie did and will always do.

Why do we do and say such malicious things to our own friends? I don’t know and I can confess to doing that to some of my friends. But what I do know is that we have to step up to the plate and confess what we had done wrong, even if we as the wrongdoer feel justified (99% of the time that is just ego talking). Because if we don’t, not only will guilt eventually catch up to us, but we could escalate the problem. I assure you that nothing good comes from fights with friends. In the future, let’s all think about what we say about or to our friends and make the right choice the first time. Stop creating unessessary drama because of a loose tongue. Let’s choose to put a friendly touch back in our friendships, because what is an unfriendly friend? Not a friend at all, that’s what an unfriendly friend is.

A Taste of Odd

So, in the process of writing (especially for my English class), I end up creating some interesting things. Special thanks to Josh and Mackenzie for the 2nd one. Here’s just A Taste of Odd (see what I did there)…


Mustard, you are yellow

Bright as a tulip,

Tangy as its flavor twists,

A unique flavor.



Not an Idea

I am not reading mine

But I will read Mackenzie’s

Mine is terrible.


Poems of Myself-Part 2 (or Passing the Pits)

I haven’t really published much poetry, so here I am again with the 2nd part to this collection (most of the the poems do not have names, if you come up with some, send them to me and if I like them, I’ll put them on it and yes, I’ll give you a shoutout)

Poem #4

I shift too easily from

One thing in my mind

To another;

The slippery slope

My life has become,

Is hurting me far

Too hard for me to

Help hold up anymore.


Poem #5

It feels like a while indeed

But I just had to leave

This comfy, cozy

Place I ceased to grow,

Where I got deeper, deeper

And had nothing to show for it;

I blame my woes on

Technology and indecision

Both putting me in a collision

With the void.


Poem #6

I fight them,

You fight them too,

Those sinister thoughts

Telling you you’re

Worthless, expendable

And truly dead inside.
Let me tell you the truth,

You’re just letting

Your old self die

And in its place

Find a wonderful,

New, never seen

You come from the ashes.
Negative thoughts will

Always be there,

But you have power

To keep your mind still.


Poem #7

Indecision is like a tiny demon,

It pops up when you’re most

In need, and fills you

With questioning quirks.


This demon must be

Pushed far out into

The deepest, deep sea

Before the worst becomes true,

When you don’t even know

What the mirror shows you

Any longer.


Poems of Myself- Part 1

Today, as I come back from a period of not writing (I get busy in other things), I’m starting a series of poems that I wrote about what goes on in my head, what I feel and my observations about my life sometimes.



Who is so kind?
Who cares when all are cynics?
Who can free me from my bind?
Who does not mimic my enemies,
But scares with the love of a brother?
This is a friend, not just any
But the Superfriend!

I wake up only to discover,
That I’ve been smothered
By my end.

Who am I?

I go to the depths of my soul,
To find the eternally cold
Case that laces those

That know not the unsold

Thing that encases,

That is none but

The external material

Like a parasite

That’s out of spite;

So now I want to know,

The forever asked question:

Who am I?

Some live and die,

Never knowing the time

That defines,

That shapes the soul,

The answer to:

Who am I?

The Old Me


I once decree,

That the old me

Is sold,

Sold to that sack of gold;

Because, I’m poor,

Poor of soul.

Now, the cold

Is replaced with

This new found myth,

Of non-existent gold.

The treasure, I decree,

Is in the cure,

For a lost soul,

A soul that knows

Itself only.

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Blank- a poem by myself

As I earlier said, in the welcome letter, I want to use this blog for my poetry. Here’s just one I wrote a few weeks ago.

I see no words,
I see no birds,
I hear no spite,
I taste no flavor,
I savor no moment,
I feel no touch,
I smell nothing.

Not here or there,
Is my stare
But nowhere,
Nowhere at all.

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