About Gideon’s Nook

This blog started out in July of 2016. I had two simple goals when starting it, to amuse and inform. Every piece on this blog is something I took time to sit down and write (and sometimes, research for). I do it because I love writing! So, sit back and let my words open your mind or simply make you happy.

About Gideon

Gideon is the writer of this blog. He is currently trying to make it through high school. Sometimes he writes and always has too many opinions for his own good. He loves autumn days, the color green, grilled cheese sandwiches and being with his family. He doesn’t enjoy liars (to him, honesty is the best policy) and thinks that whoever founded Phoenix, Arizona is a madman (and the about 4 million who live in and around it are too). People often say he is likable, though he says way too many silly things and is very sarcastic. His writing is mostly poetry and conversational essays (though he is trying to write short stories and a play now) and he only sings good in the shower (and he still ended up in a musical, singing). He believes strongly that people who write in the third person are narcissists.

The above picture is me, and was taken in Tombstone, Arizona