Fall Update- Cooling Temperatures, Warming Blog


By Gideon

Welcome back! Summer is completely behind us now, the thermometers are dropping and if you actually live in an area with lots of seasonal trees (I don’t), the leaves are falling. I’ve got some really good news this month! Let’s dig in.

General Updates

  • This is probably the biggest announcement ever for this blog: as I announced last night on Twitter, there is now a 2nd writer! My friend Aden will be writing some posts here, keep your eyes peeled for some of his work coming soon.
  • These updates are going to reduce in frequency, I’ll only do 4 regular updates a year from now on (that breaks down to 1 each in December, April, June and October).
  • I’ve changed the slogan to “a thinking place”, I think it still keeps the gist of the old one.
  • Also, I’ve done a minor redesign, changing the old Seattle street photo to the one above, which was taken at the 3rd level of the Surprise, AZ City Hall parking garage, the mountains in the background are the White Tank Mountains. That redesign also includes a change in the shade of blue used in the background (if you see this blog on a desktop or tablet, you’d notice it a bit more; on Chrome for Android or iOS, that color is the top bar color) and a change in the fonts used. I know that is minor, but just pointing it out.
  • Keep an eye on the Twitter for some cool events in Surprise, AZ.

Creative Updates

  • I’m currently working on a few poems about seasons, they’ll be up by Friday night (10/13).
  • I’ll be continuing a series on friendship soon, no definite date for that yet.

Commentary Updates

  • I’m working on something that uses the format of “For Goodness Sake, Be a Good Friend!” (the whole idea of fusing poetry with commentary), it is about a recent event, that is all I’ll say for now.
  • Aden will do some rebuttals of my commentary pieces from time to time, those will come eventually.

That’s all I have to say for now, have a fun-filled fall!

As always,



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