February Update: I’m back from the dead (again)

Today was Super Bowl Sunday, hope you enjoyed your parties. Starting this month, I will do these updates bimonthly (exceptions made for special updates, I’ll mark them as such). Let’s begin!

Creative Updates

So, poetry is making a comeback here! I promised in the last update to publish some before Christmas, but I just didn’t have much decent material to draw off of. No promises on when, but I promise it’s coming soon. As for stories, I’m planning on continuing Remembering Last Christmas in another short story. That’s been under way since I published the last one. Hope to get that ASAP, my life seems to only get busier and busier.

Commentary Updates

I’m planning to do some more commentary pretty soon. That’s all I will say on that for now. If you have any suggestions about anything at all, don’t be afraid to contact me on the blog’s email (check the contact page for that) or the contact form on the same page. Have a great Valentine’s Day (I’ll be alone as usual).

Yours truly,



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