Transitioning and (Re)launching: December Update

Creative Updates

Well, I’ve not really been updating the blog lately. So, as a Christmas present to you all I will now. I currently have an interesting story in the pipeline and maybe some poetry (still thinking if I should even upload it). No promises on when any of it will come on, but I am currently aiming for no later than Monday (December 19th) for the story and anytime before Christmas on the poems.

Blog Updates

So, now I have migrated to WordPress from Blogger. This will not change any material published prior to today and I will shut down the Blogger in the next few days. This will be the home of my blog now.

Also, today I’m launching an Instagram for this blog! I’ll share thoughts and quotes there periodically. It is @gideonsnookblog (Update: I deleted it, check the next update). By the way, I will definitely do these updates once in while, just to assure you and other readers that I have not fallen off the map. Happy Holidays!

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