My Voice: Dear America

I thought I would take some time to appeal to the better side of our nation. Well, here goes…

Dear America,
You are the shining beacon of democracy throughout the whole world. I mean 240 straight years of existence can only add up to the fact of our system standing the test of time. There were bad times (e.g. the Civil War, much of the 1960s), but we as Americans got through it, together. And that’s the beautiful thing about our system, it’s ability to change when needed and (eventually) work for the greater good.

I’m sure you’ve been watching the news or reading your Twitter feed and you feel like pounding your head in disgust. With all the scandal and plain nonsense being spewed this election, let’s all take a breather. Let’s not be Democrats, Republicans, Trump supporters, Hillary lovers or plain apathetic for just a minute. Let’s all be American.

As much as many want all of us to believe that we are irredeemably different, why don’t we remember the values we share? Why don’t we leave the nonsense to politicians and instead come together? It’s been a tough time with many feelings hurt, but we must not take our differences personally.

Remember folks, there’ll be a nation after November 8th, and we all have to get behind our new president (whoever that will be) and work towards making Washington work for the people again. There will be disagreements along the way though, and that’s fine. What isn’t OK is screaming about election rigging (without any evidence) or resorting to any form of violence whatsoever. Leave the politicking and nonsense making to politicians and let’s be American again.

Yours sincerely,
Head (and only, presently) writer